I NEED YOUR HELP!! I’m starting up another little hobby of music production and I’m hoping that there’s some of you guys out there with a similar set-up that might be willing to lend me some aid! Also several other boring life-updates!


  1. Mark, I know this is easier said then done, but try to work with rob scallon or Jared dines, or someone like that, they could be a big help

  2. It really depends on the style of music you are trying to make, because there are tons of different tools and options out there but it all depends on your genre. Some like electronic music require more products/programs/computer skills and then if you just want to record yourself on a guitar and then mix it and master that is another skill set. The most important thing that you want to look into is mixing and mastering your music because thats what gives it the professional sound. That literally is the biggest difference between any random persons music and more established music artists is having a person that has a keen ear for catching noise to mix/master and fix the sound so you get a nice clean sounding product. Some artists learn to do it themselves and others collab with someone JUST to mix and master their songs. I messaged you on twitter but the word limit didnt let me tell you much . so i came over here to splurge type. Hope you read this, im willing to help ya with any questions you may or may not have 😀

  3. Music – a – plier, YAY!!! If you need help I can play piano, ukulele, flute, baritone sax, recorded, and I’m quite good at singing sooo… wait, you should make a discord for people that want to help with music! It would be a dream come true to help you!

  4. Game ideas: More "Ark Survival Evolved"; "Wizard's Tea"; "You Will Never Get This Achievement"; "Kitten Madness"; and "Space Engineers"

  5. I have a friend who makes music. Shared your video to him to see if he can help in anyway 🙂 hope it all goes well and you get lots of good info!

  6. Lia1291 does music on YouTube! She's really awesome. She actually makes Markiplier music and I think she would be a great help for you, Mark! (I don't know her well, so I'm not sure if she has the same set up..)

    I'd also reaaaallly reeeeaaaaaaaalllyyy love to see you do covers of songs from musicals. I'm not sure how into them you are.. but with your sudden creative passion it'd be a glance the in the right direction! ;D

  7. You should try to get with Jonathan young. He has a whole studio called villainous media. He'd probably be able to help you out a lot

  8. I would learn how to read sheet music for starters, and then move to memorizing the notes and clefs. From there, you're set basically. Then again, this is coming from a small band kid and SoundCloud artist so…yeah. Maybe don't take advise from me.

  9. Why aren’t you as energetic as you were like last year? I like that you’re calm but maybe a little more energetic. You are amazing and you are the best

  10. Why not – I tweeted at you but figured I'd try to catch your eye here. I'm a composer and mixer for bands in Philadelphia so if you need help with production, I gotchu. Went to school for it. Only got one dumb cover on my channel but it was fun to make, so…get at me, bby.

  11. I'm sorry but I can't help you but I hope that you will learn soon and I am really excited to hear it if you learn very quickly but I think jack might know a little bit about what you are looking for.

  12. I do some music production as a hobby too, and I was where you were not too long ago with my DAW, StudioOne, and my Akai MPK Mini II MIDI Keyboard, so I could give some tips and advice.

  13. I just started learning digital music too! Let's see who can get better first >:3

    I've been to two of the shows now! One VIP and one normal. VIP is totally worth it, I loved the show! There's a lot of fun and it's different enough that it's entertaining every time

  14. i know you asked for help about the music thing but i just wanted to say… just recently my girlfriend put me in the friend zone and i've been depressed but when i watch your videos it just lighten up my mood and helps me to keep going through the day… please don't stop making videos and i wish you luck on the music production


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