The TRUE POWER of UNDERTALE Souls! | The SCIENCE!…of Undertale

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UNDERTALE is one of the greatest games ever made, and the bosses are some of the best and most difficult. But what makes the Monsters so powerful? We know that Human souls are much stronger than the souls of Monsters, but that doesn’t seem to slow them down. In this episode, Austin dives deep into the Underground to investigate the history and power of Souls, Monsters, and Humans in the world of Undertale!

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  1. I like the numbers and the extrapolation. But I honestly don't understand the leap from "there are seven human souls underground" to "monsters hunted humans".

  2. In the part where he shows Asriel's defence at the bottom you can see Gasters, it's waaaaaayyyy bigger than Asriel's

  3. I'm liken how you made the end to this video. You talk about flowey and then start stating how evil monsters are. 10:2614:44 is my favorite part.
    I love Undertale a lot and I love all the monsters in the underground, I think that with your theory, after the human was oh so kinda to monsters, I think that frisk made them all think differently about humans. So while in the underground, they changed every one of their hearts to not be all murder like towards humans. Of course this is towards your theory. So there might not be a big war again because the monsters have changed.

  4. wait wait wait its sounding like your saying monsters are stronger then humans undyne is the hero because they want freedom thats why they try to kill you but theres alot more humans then monster plus they are still stronger your cacluations say 7 souls = all the monsters humans are still stronger also isnt like a group of teenagers can murder the god of hyper death so like 15 people = a god among monsters so monster souls are weaker sry for wasteing your time and im sorry if you think trying to debunk this theory is hate


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