The DEADLY Physics of Doomfist! | The SCIENCE!… of Overwatch

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DOOMFIST is Finally here! And he is quickly punching his way into our hearts. Or it might be more accurate to say, through our hearts. Because the force behind this dude’s punches is darn right terrifying! I honestly think I’d rather be hit by a car. Why you ask? Well I’ll let Austin answer that one.

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  1. hey I made a video about doomfist fighting style what martial arts does he specifically practice if anybody wants to check that out you don't have to if you don't want to though

  2. Before I start I liked the video I do realize that this is for fun and these calculations are meant as a rough estimate and that doing the actual full formula for the forces would be much more complex than is needed for this type of video (also that overwatch is a highly stylized game in which acceleration is not explicitly shown in most cases and the fact that austin could get some solid numbers for this analysis is very impressive)

    I understand in the field of physics we just make everything out of boxes for the sake of simplicity, but Roadhog is not a box scraping across the ground (as you can see he is slightly airborne while punched) which would leave ground friction out of the picture for most of the flight, and the friction would be set between roadhog's feet and the ground (not a box scraping across it) which means that once that contact is severed only air resistance would be a major factor.

    (I know not everything here is perfectly accurate, but you should get the gist)

    again great video

  3. I was reading doomfists bio (or whatever it's called) and doomfists abs were just there, when my brother walked in and ummmm…. awkwardness ensued

  4. doomfist is ultimate trash. he is a total noob and his cooldown needs to be tripled. they need to add support and defense characters, not nooby characters that anyone can use. they need to nerf him or delete him.


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