MARIO IS BROKE! | Culture Shock (Super Mario Odyssey)

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SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY looks amazing, but there’s something missing from all the game trailers: COINS! This is wild considering that coins are everywhere in Mario Games. In fact coins are so plentiful, they’ve gotta be nearly worthless by now! Interestingly, this carries a lot of precedence in Japanese history. In this episode, GG shows how coin inflation in Mario’s universe mirrors an identical problem in Japan’s history!

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  1. Back in Mario & Luigi : Superstar Saga mushroom kingdom coins were so inflated that 99,999,999,999,999 Mushroom Coins woudl translate into 99 Beanbean Coins

  2. Well damn! It's no wonder why I paid $5 for those coins! Ah whatever! At least when an economic collapse destroys the world at least I can barter with my mother's moonshine for survival supplies

  3. Wow I thought the Mexican peso was even more devaluated, but it seems that the US can't be compared with Nintendo, seems like Calabera town has also predicted the New Mexican coins, new upside down purple illuminati triangles,

  4. As a portuguese the idea of being paid in rice strikes me as particularly funny because, at least in the 13th century, it was considered a luxury food (it was introduced in the peninsula by the arabs in the 8th century, but I guess production never really took off because our LOVE for bread predates it thanks to the romans. But then again we did developed our own breed of rice…)
    It wouldn't be too far-fetched to imagine them accepting it as a form of currency, if it wasn't for the fact it would spoil during the long travel back home. And they were far more fascinated with other things the japanese produced

  5. Well despite the gaff, the point is still relevant, in that in the footage of the game we've seen so far the standard gold coins have been very underrepresented.

  6. Of course, coins are also an anachronism tied to arcade scores, which are far less important now. It could be a mix of art imitating life (where there were so many coins and other things added that the game is trying to simplify a bit and go back to exploration and platforming), possible nod to currency inflation, and simply the fact that coins really aren't important to game play anymore.

  7. What's really funny is that, without even trying, I spotted coins in the Odyssey footage in 3 places throughout this video, and one of those places was the forest area at around 8:00 in the video. This not only disproves that each world would have it's own currency, but also that he really just didn't look very hard. I know he apologized for the mistake, but I mean, he dared us to look through the footage to try to find ANY coins, and he didn't even do that himself first. Pretty big blunder if you ask me.

  8. new dong city? did he say new dong city? or did he say new donk city? Is the name supposed to be a donkey kong reference or not?

  9. An upside down purple triangle is what nazis put on gay prisoners in concentration camps soo japan is still axis? Knew it

  10. I've tried to get hyped for this game, but it's difficult to get hyped for anything Nintendo related for me these days. I hope they prove me wrong.

  11. Well japanese were not the only ones to use something apart from gold or silver. It is demonstrated that other countries (can't remember wich ones) used salt to do transactions.

  12. Hey game theorist i don't know if you'll see this but I'm a new sub that since playing pokemon has been wondering are the people in the pokemon games like x and y actually human? i say this because everyone has scheduled responses, questions and statements and every time you replay the game their texts are always the same. In fact the only things that act differently are the pokemon. so does that mean the pokemon are the only beings in the game capable of independence? I know you probably wont see this but if you do can you please explain this concept because ive been trying to look for clues for about 3 years and i am still COMPLETELY in the dark


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