LUIGI Break Down: How Mario’s Underdog Became a Superstar!

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Despite what some may think, LUIGI is not just a carbon-copy of Mario. Luigi may have effectively been a twin at the start, but this underdog has evolved into one of Nintendo’s best characters. In this episode, Lee will reveal the heartwarming origin and evolution of Luigi!

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  1. When I play Super Mario 3, I give all of Mario's lives to Luigi. Than I make Mario commit suicide. So I can play as Luigi for the rest of the game.

  2. Can we get matpat I mean I like everyone in the crew but matpat is just so funny and really cool so I just really want more matpat

  3. Luigi's mansion was not Luigi's first solo game! Some of you commentirianatorisers may have heard of Mario is Missing, a really crap educational Mario title released in 1992 for the SNES. It showed Mario getting kidnapped by the Koopalings and luigi having to travel the world, learning fairly tedious geography facts as he went, to try and rescue him. No gameplay, no way to die, watch PeanutButterGamer's review for the full thing 🙂

  4. Hey man just wanted to say I've always liked your breakdown videos and while I'm sad they're ending I hope that whatever you try in the future works out for you!

  5. There's nothing suspicious here!

    Nothing at all!

    Keep scrolling please!

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    Have a nice day you beautiful person! ✪w✪

  6. Awww that sucks that there's no more breakdown 🙁 I'm a history nerd and love watching documentarys. And these were the best. About video games! I hope to see more of you then just these videos good sir!

  7. You know how MatPat's name is spelled like this but Matt is spelled with two t's because mat and pat combined makes it have two t's, wow this comment is longer than I intended

  8. You couldn't have made a better final video to appear on this channel 🙂 Good luck and have fun chasing whatever your next goal in life is


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