How to DOWNLOAD A BRAIN! | The SCIENCE!…of Nier: Automata

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Will Androids and computers ever be as Smart as people? Maybe! NIER: AUTOMATA explores this very subject with its main character–the android, YoRHa. She is a brilliant, beautiful, and strong-as-hell woman…android. But like all amazing things, she can be destroyed. However, this is no problem because YoRHa consistently saves the contents of her brain throughout the game. Wait. Is this sort of brain back-up even probable?! It’s not as crazy as it sounds. In this episode, Austin explains the SCIENCE of how to digitally save the contents of a human brain!

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  1. There is another detail you may be missing, does it needs to upload wirelessly all data al ltimes? all it needs is to have a register of the last saved point and check wich data has been modified or added, then you only need to back up that data into your backup, this can reduce the data to be transmited.
    The speed can also be increased by just using multiple transmiters on different bands, like listening to several radio stations at the same time.

  2. Very rambley but still fun to watch
    Miss your old unrestricted language but I guess PC cultures hit even the greats 🙁

  3. Hey Austin I have a question for you. I have been playing Overwatch a lot recently and I have seen your videos on the characters, but before I go on a rant. My question is this how in the heck does Ana's ultimate work? oh and could it be possible that there is a micro-machine virus type thing that has effected the world of Overwatch thus causeing the omnic crisis and why some powers and abilities in Overwatch work?

  4. It amazes me how someone can talk about how the brain is beyond human technology of several thousand years, and people will still say the chaos of nature could produce something like that.

  5. Why not just make hundreds of yourself if you have clone bods anyways with your own brain uploaded? Pretty sure 100 of you would be superior to 1 of you.


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