How FNAF SCARES You! – Five Nights at Freddy’s Break Down

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Sometimes genres become stale and stagnant; and it takes a new franchise to come in and shake things up. FNAF did just that with the video game horror genre. The scares became more about the anticipation and managing your stress level. But how did Five Nights at Freddy’s become the behemoth it is today – with two books, multiple games, and a movie in production? Scott Cawthon’s journey may not have been the most promising, but in the end he created more than just a video game.

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  1. MATPAT! if the animatronics think you are an endoskeleton why do you die in a suit wouldnt the animatronics put you in an empty suit

  2. If you're gonna try to do a FNAF video then PLEASE at least try to act like you have some energy in your voice. I think you should leave the FNAF videos to Mat. It's sort of like tradition and he makes them a lot better. No offense.


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