History of NINTENDO CONSOLES: From the FamiCom to World Domination!

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Nintendo helped bring Gaming Consoles into the world, and the company quickly became the KING of this arena! However, the Glorious History of Nintendo consoles has had its setbacks as of late. In this episode, Ryder covers the history of Nintendo’s innovative game systems as well as their strategy to regain Console Supremacy!

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  1. so I watched I am Ledgen, and I was wondering some things like what is the virus, and what was the cure, how come the protaganis can get sick, why do dogs hunt earlier? can you please answer these questions and more in a I am Legden theory?

  2. Dude you really gotta listen to some better music there are FAR better albums in the years you're referencing. Listen to some Hip Hop for once it's really kinda sad.

  3. Hey, maybe you guys should do a video about the question everyone's been wondering about for the past few days: Nintendo's plan for the new 2ds, kind of like the plan for the switch video.

  4. I didn't realise the WiiU did so terribly. I mean, I got one day one, and it has plenty of great games, but I didn't get a PS4 until FFXV came out, because nothing on it interested me. There are literally four games on it that even interest me that aren't on either the PS3 or Vita, meanwhile there are nine WiiU exclusives that I particularly enjoyed.

  5. If you wanna watch a cool documentary on the history on Nintendo, search Machinima All your history belong to us Nintendo history


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