Game Theory: Super Mario Odyssey’s GIANT Problem (Nintendo)

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SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY looks stunning, but one major detail from the Super Mario Odyssey trailer caused me to start theorizing right when I saw it: Why is everybody ENORMOUS?! Well after days of research, I have an answer. In this episode, I will reveal the reason behind the Human Gigantism we see in Super Mario Odyssey’s gameplay! Can I solve the Super Mario Odyssey mystery before Nintendo reveals more about the game at E3? I’m going to try!

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  1. The problem his Mario his different height in every game, and the super mushroom does not always give him the same amount of height, and not all super mushroom does a gain in height for Mario, and assuming that all Mario game are not just a play in the Mario Universe, without counting Super Mario bros.3, let's start with Super Mario bros. for the Nes where both Mario and Luigi are the same height, Mario starting form his 3ft tall, and after the Super Mushroom he his 5ft 11 inches, in Super Mario world it his different he his 3 ft tall as Mario, but after the Super Mushroom he his 5ft 1inches tall. How his it possible that the same mushroom give Mario different height gain, the mushroom that Mario takes, his actually a Luma that transform into that power-up, you just don't see that in does game, this his why in Mario kart the mushroom that looks like a Super Mushroom, his used to have a temporary jet boost when used, and this his why, in super Mario 64 Ds the super Mushroom behave like a Mega Mushroom instead, that also explain why the mushroom run away from Mario, without any leg.

  2. When seeing this trailer,
    there was alot of Sonic 06 jokes that can be made here.
    The Normal realistic size humans with a difference size short character.
    Mario Rolling and fighting a giant robot.

    And whats up with the stop signs having question marks?
    can I walk or not?

  3. Wow, you're actually selling the fidget spinner for $10? I was expecting $20. Mad respects bro, you made the merch' reasonably priced!!!!

  4. Matpat: no no there must be a way! The bananas its the bananas THE BANANAS PEOPLE.
    The internet: Right (lets go over here he'll calm down eventually)

  5. it could be that, or it could just be because Mario isn't human there is a guide that states Mario's binomial nomenclature is homo Nintendonus

  6. Will you be selling more in the future?Because I probably won't be able to get any of the merch within the next two weeks.

  7. New York is nicknamed the big Apple. It would be highly coincidental if they referenced this on a sign that dubbed new donk as the 'big banana'.

  8. different theory what if everyone stole mario's mushrooms similar to donkey kong. This would be a nod to the old plot. an easter egg to hardcore fans of both series.

  9. no reference to the hoard's golden coat from DK64? minor, but helps prove the point of "special". The brawl story banana hoard seems regular sized (fruit, not quantity) with no golden color and is questionable in terms of canon, but it doesnt explain why DK and diddy cared about the robery to that extent (enough to join the hero roster's quest). if normal, the only explanation is to trick the thieves into believing they were successful, but that also assumes the mushroom kingdom/DK jungle apes have the intelligence to pull off such a ruse, in which case, you begin to wonder if they are treated as equals to humans and the evolution process in the mushroom kingdom.

  10. This theory is just very, um, not good. I mean, Nintendo won't give this obscure reason to the fans, as of why the humans are bigger than Mario, they just won't.

  11. You're awesome Matt Pat and I appreciate the time and effort you put in to make this video and theory, but would you consider that maybe instead of everyone getting bigger from bananas, that maybe Mario is just small/short? That maybe Mario isn't a normal human (obviously)?


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