Game Theory: Super Mario Maker, BIGGER than the UNIVERSE!

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In 2016 Nintendo reported that 7.2 Million levels have already been built in Super Mario Maker by the players. That seems like a lot, but in reality it doesn’t even scratch the surface of how many levels this game has to offer. But it got me thinking – just how big is this game? How many different levels can actually be made?

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  1. Legend says that if you leave a clever comment Game Theory will reply or pin your comment. Unfortunately I have nothing clever to post except a stupid joke:
    Q: What do you call an alligator in a vest?
    A: An Investagator

  2. Wouldn't it be more reasonable to use the 7.2million number that have been made that are playable and the 3.5million players that made those levels? Or something related to that. Because that number at the end is still not very good seeming. If you try and quantify fun then I think it would slim it down quite more significantly. Take the number of levels made so far, and then how many are rated 4stars or more, and then calculate that percentage against the amount of levels that are actually playable. Duplicates of fun levels that are only different by one block don't count because everyone knows part of the fun is it being original.

    Gotta go deeper MattPat!

  3. U know I might not be the smartest person but 60 or 70 dollers for all those options dang it has more options then most new CODs but Nintendo did a good job on it

  4. Honest correction here.

    Multiplying by every block is assuming that all block decorations take up one space.
    Some blocks like the Clown car take up four spaces, and Bullet Bill Blasters take up two. Considering that, the numbers should crunch significantly smaller. Wouldn't want to deal with advanced permutations like that though.

  5. There is a number that has been named and used that is much larger than the "Marioplex". It's called Grahm's number. You think a googolplex is huge? that ain't nothing. You can't even write the number. In any notation we've created yet. The only way to say it is to say "Grahm's number." Then there is the world's largest known prime. Much smaller than Grahm's number, but still bigger than this number. And that is (2^74,207,281)-1. You think 5 digests in an exponent is big? That's 8 digests right there in that exponent.

  6. hey mat pat about a year ago i was whatching a live stream and was trying to get youre attention but never did and so i just wanted to let you know

  7. i thought my math teacher maid my head hurt, that is rediculous. im speachless matpat. also mind telling me how long this video took 2 prep?

  8. "The only number bigger is a googleplex" you clearly haven't heard about Graham's number, which is so big that even if you elevated a googleplex to himself a googleplex number of times, you wouldn't even be close to it.

  9. Theme and game skin does make a difference in the level's mechanics. Granted, only 2 themes are really different from the rest, the water and airship themes, since water changes most movement mechanics and airship makes the screen a little floaty. Game skin, on the other hand, has different rules for all 4 skins, including what items/enemies can appear, how those items/enemies behave, and what abilities Mario can use.

  10. Matt, you are aware that we can only see less than 1% of the entire universe, that's what they call the observable universe, so technically is possible that it's as big as the universe

  11. 6:22 that number should actually be 217. To prove it, look at a simpler example. If you could choose any length from 1 to 10, that wouldn't be 10-1=9 possibilities, but 1 more than that, 10. Similarly, if it could be 24 to 27, it would be 27-24+1=4 possibilities.


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