Game Theory: PROVING Mass Effect’s Indoctrination Theory! | Mass Effect 3

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The end of MASS EFFECT 3 constitutes what is perhaps the worst ending to a video game trilogy in history. OR DOES IT? The Mass Effect games cover intergalactic travel, dozens of alien species, and a synthetic race of world-ending machines. The only way Mass Effect 3’s ending can possibly fit with the series overall is if IT IS A LIE! However, this begs an important question: What exactly is this game’s deceit and what does it mean for Shepard and The Reapers? In this episode, I reveal the Truth behind what is actually going on in Mass Effect 3!

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  1. so you wasted an episode talking about a theory the series creators all vehemently denied and was flimsy at it's strongest points? and honestly you didn't play mass effect 2 did you? because that wasn't the game.

  2. As far as I am concerned, the Indoctrination Theory is the one true conclusion of the trilogy. And I give Bioware absolutely no credit for it. This could have been the ultimate twist ending, especially if, after a couple months or even a year's time, they'd come out with a DLC that confirms it, and allow Shepards who chose the Red ending to wake up and really destroy the Reapers.

    Instead, we got the Extended Cut. All it did was try to make Casey Hudson's bullshit ending make more sense, while trying to leave just enough wiggle room to not loose the IT crowd completely. For every one thing the EC actually fixed, it created 10 new problems.

    The franchise died that day for me. I wouldn't give ME:A a try even if it didn't have all it's infamous problems. So the IT is the true ending. And it is entirely a fan creation, an effort to make sense of something completely divorced from anything that would actually make sense in the context of Mass Effect. Bioware gets no credit for it from me, even if at one time they planned for something like it.

  3. Yay… more dead horse beating on the ending of ME3. Woohoo. What other opinions are you going to give me? Ocarina was great? This is the default opinion, and the fact that indoctrination theory was created specifically for the purpose of ignoring it proves it. I'm usually all for your videos and theories. I love the fun style you have. But this is something that doesn't go more than a month without me seeing someone talk about it in something. THE ENDING WASNT WHAT YOU WANTED, GET OVER IT! I loved the ending, despite its flaws.

  4. You know why people get so upset about the indoctrination theory. Because it kinda craps on the player's memory of that game. They spent countless hours going through that trilogy of games, pretending to be Captain Kirk making huge universe changing decisions, and then you tell them it was all a dream, none of it mattered, and in the end the decision you were so proud of actually destroyed life on in the galaxy instead of saving it. So yeah… people hate this theory.

  5. SERIOUSLY MAT, for godsake, where did quality control for your channel go? First your late on a theory, secondly you copy it from someone else, and thirdly you ignore many of the holes and make no original additions? This is why you get hate. WAKE UP.

  6. Can you stop pretending like you're making two-parters for the editor's? we all know it's to stretch out these theories and help you get more money. two videos brings in more money than one. it's fine nobody blames you, but stop pretending that's not a big reason why.

  7. pfft spectral analysis – you hit f9 in adobe audition! Pick any mp3 song on the planet and you'll see that result, the spectrogram measures quality of the recording, the lower the quality (example, below 15k) – the more its been hindered by, for example, digital copying, causing distortion and audio glitches like that weird digital noise you'd hear replacing the original version's actual produced audio

  8. The Catalyst – meant to facilitate the game's end & ideally provide closure – has a name literally definable as a narrative's inciting incident; this occurs in the second act before "the bulk of the story," completely separate from the third act & resolution. Yikes.

  9. This video is a testament of how much longer you can keep beating a dead memed theory to death and see how much adsense and sponsor plugs you can drain out of it. This video also had a different thumbnail before I fell for it clicking again expecting the second part. Just overall waste.

  10. They made a new ending in order to clear up the ending to show this WASN"T true…..

    Games writers kinda have a say over what is or isn't true in a game and if they say it's not true kinda pointless to keep arguing that it is…….

  11. Man, im thinking about not watching GT anymore… Matpat keeps stalling… he used to make his points faster, now a days he just wants to make two or three part videos…

  12. Great summary. It all makes far too much sense to look at the ending any other way, in my opinion. Also, I find it very cool that the Reaper noise analyzed just happens to be on the yellow end of the sound graph spectrum. Right where a "sour, yellow note" should be.

  13. I do enjoy the enthusiasm about the indoctrination theory and I'd like to see part two of this video but I've been a little obsessed with it myself and found that there's just a lot of far reaching hypotheses that just don't entirely add up. As well as BioWare released a statement saying that the ending was written by the head writer and had no peer review (unlike the rest of the game). It was just a poorly written ending and there's nothing else the fans can really do about it other than hope that they can do better in the future.


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