Game Theory Presents: MY SECRET PROJECT…MatPat’s GLOBAL GAMER!

Hey guys! I talked about this secret project back in December, but we FINALLY got it working! This is…The Global Gamer. It’s one of THE FIRST 8k videos on YouTube EVER! It’s also one of the longest 360 VR videos ever! (Fun fact: Part of the reason why it took so long to upload was because it was 4-times larger than YouTube’s file size limit — they had to program special things into the system just so we could get it on the channel!) But after months of working on it and technical hiccups — it’s finally here!

Gaming today is an international language. But even though all cultures around the world are gaming, what we play and how we choose to play it really reflects our unique cultural backgrounds. So I designed a travel show for gamers as a means to teach about the world around us through the lens of gaming. And I did it in 360 because I wanted you to be there with me for the trip, every step of the way! I know a lot of you won’t be able to travel to places like Japan, so what better way to check out the sights and sounds of the country than by immersing you in it using 360 technology! It’ll be our wild journey together!

If you have a VR headset, this show looks AMAZING in it! If you don’t, I specifically designed it to work on your phones really well too! A lot of time and effort went into this project, so I hope you like it. It’s a big experiment, so please, let me know what you think of…THE GLOBAL GAMER!

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  1. This is incredible. The amount of time that was put into this to make this so perfect is astounding. If you read the description, it says that YouTube settings had to be changed JUST to fit this 8k video into the platform. Put that into perspective, given that Mat did this all for us.

    Thank you so much, for bringing this to us. It's sincerely amazing.


  2. okay, this is absolutely amazing! thank you so mich for this!! I've always wanted to go to japan and this made it feel like i was there.

  3. omg i hope he replys, thats my dream, dude i love all ur vids and frankly if u say it i belive it also i have a theroy about smashy road

  4. In VR, this video would probably be amazing, but otherwise 360 view just makes it harder to appreciate the video. Like, the video itself is good; I just hate the 360 view because I want to know about everything that happens in the video, and when things are happening at every moment, and I am guaranteed to miss <50% of it (the camera's lens doesn't quite cover 180 degrees), I feel like I don't get to experience the video like it's intended to be.

    In VR, when it feels as though you aren't being limited to what you can see by a mouse or controller, 360 view among other interactive things, is very cool to say the least. When I'm watching it on a computer, however, it's not the same experience, because I'm not looking for immersion. I'm looking for entertainment.

    Don't take this the wrong way, though. I'm not insulting the video itself; production quality is good, and the video premise itself is entertaining. Maybe in another world where I had a VR headset, I wouldn't feel inclined to whine about the feature. In the meantime, these are simply my thoughts on 360.

  5. so what's really funny about this is that the convention I went to called Shuto Con they have a game room and it was filled with arcade games from Japan so I reconised alot of the games you played wile there. (they also have vr and nitendo switch and lots of playstation fours and xbox 1s)

  6. YES! This is the first 360 video I've seen that I absolutely love. Amazing work Game Theorist team! And thanks for the ride to Japan.

  7. this is super cool!!! now i understand why i love rhythm games so much and seem to go into a super zen state when i get in the zone. its really cool, my hand movements feel automatic and im super chill. i think its rly cool that ur doing a series like this too!!! i cant wait for more episodes
    also, it looks like ur talking to junnyan and maybe rinrin doll near the end??!! tahts so cool! 😀

  8. This is so fascinating! Honestly, i'm jealous! If I could do this in every country, I would! I want to do this with my art someday, viewing museums, and connecting with others while sitting in the new environment and enjoying the culture.

  9. I love MatPat and how he made Youtube rewrite its code just to post his video. But that's how you change things. And that's what I like with MatPat, he changes thing, he pushes the progress. I love you MatPat

  10. Absoultly loved it! Amazing, a little fuzzy though. Thanks for all the hard work that you have done to make global gaming.


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