Game Theory: How Minecraft BROKE YouTube!

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MINECRAFT is one of the few games that beat all the odds to make History, becoming one of the World’s Most Popular Games Ever. But how did this happen? Minecraft sales were stagnating and then the game shot onto the World Stage out of Nowhere! Well, it all has to do with our dear platform, YouTube. In this episode, I explain how YouTube made Minecraft, how Minecraft then Broke YouTube, and how YouTube then tried to Kill it!

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  1. Oh, MatPat, I think you may have made an error in looking for Sales data on Minecraft. you see Minecraft is the second biggest game NOT on steam, and Notch had said years ago that he wouldn't put it up on Steam's storefront. So looking for Steam sales data was a waste of time.

  2. screw you YouTube!!! I'm gonna watch what I want to!!! I'm gonna support as many small YouTube channels as I want to, as if I'm gonna watch your creepy spider man videos!!! I mean seriously that stuff's just creepy shudder

  3. I'm really hoping to see a theory on Statik for PSVR! I just finished the game and I think I'd be better off throwing my brain in a blender than trying to figure out actually what was going on.

  4. The title states that Minecraft broke YouTube
    The thumbnail implies the opposite

    ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

  5. 0:02 Classic yogs reference on an American youtube channel?
    Magical I'd say. Are we sure this is Matt Instead of his European counterpart?

  6. Wow this video explains the fall of channels like mondomedia if anyone remembers that channel. I was wondering why a channel like that lost so many views suddenly.

  7. The only reason pewdiepie has subscribers is because when you make a new account you are automatically subscribed to him.

  8. Looks at title….looks at thumbnail…..which one is it…. did YouTube kill minecraft or did minecraft break youtube…

  9. According to Twitter, a lot of people who like the theory were people affected by the algorithm change in 2015, a lot of let's play channels that had to expand their content in order to even attempt at staying afloat.

  10. Butterfly Effect, Matpat has intriguing videos and so millions of people take time out of their lives to watch and like/subscribe. Boom: Butterfly Effect.

  11. Do a video recalculating the size of a block by figuring out the real speed of running in Minecraft based upon the fov increase. Don't play MC, just a little curious


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