Game Theory: Gaming’s Biggest Mystery SOLVED! | Half Life G MAN Theory

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HALF-LIFE is one of the most prolific & beloved game franchises of all time, but it’s also known for one of Gaming’s most enigmatic characters: The G-MAN. Seriously, who is this creepy suit that can transcend time, space, and our known dimensions?! Well after some grueling research into the depths of Half-Life lore, I have discovered the G-Man’s True Identity, and it will shock you!

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  1. Valve has said that they will be making another game in the half life universe, whether it will be portal three, halflife three, or something else entirely, no one really knows.

  2. Why would the g-man have lead morgan to the nihilanth's homeworld? he must have known that it would lead to the death of many of his species. that would have to mean that he was an enemy to his own kind???

  3. List of super cool theories
    -How aerodynamic Dumbo's ears
    -How fast do you need to spin your leg in order to create the DIABLE JAMBE?
    -How much is Beli worth in U.S. dollars?
    -How to make those pipeline sidewalks from FUTURAMA
    -Comparing Dead Rising Weapons to Kids Next Door weapons(Both of which are made of random junk)
    -Can people really play card games on motorcycles?
    -How to survive THE PURGE
    -IS Teen Titans GO! just a dream?
    -Dr. PART 3!!!!!!!!

  4. I thought that gman was those aliens (I always mess there name u so I'm not trying to say it) but mat I don't think you deserve a pat more like a punch due to that last point,if a voice actor is the same that doesn't mean there the same thing cause demoman and heavy from team fortress are not the same person but there voice actor is the same guy

  5. "The Film Theorists" has 16 letters, this video about half life was 15 minuets long, 16-15 = 1. Mat pat has done two doctor who episodes, 2+1=3 doctor who episode 3 confirmed


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