Game Theory: Beyond Fidget Spinners – How to Create a YouTube Trend

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Ever wonder how Fidget Spinners swept through every part of YouTube in mere days? Or why certain topics trend while others go unnoticed? Well buckle up because the answer may be hard to handle. I’m exposing the REAL YouTube Algorithm and how it determines everything you see online!

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  1. Hey Matpat! I have been watching your channel for so long now and i juts wanted to say that you inspired me to love science, actually i want to be a NASA Engineer later in my life . So all i wanted to say was thank you. Clap and a half for education.

  2. youtube always has your videos on trending but not this this one. maybe they don't want u to know this but that's just a theory a youtube video theory

  3. Jeez… that means that YouTube technically has the ability to turn against us and use our words and search history to learn everything about us and then use that information to make machines the supreme species and kill off human involvement in society by one or two people at a time. Destroying society from the inside out and creating the androidpocycolypse

  4. MatPat, one time I was at DanTDM's tour but I couldn't get him to sign my book made by him 🙁 I've always wanted something like that. I'm not complaining at all……… I want a signed backpack sooooo bad……..

  5. ***Lo0LoOLLooLLOLOOlLO0Ollolo000oLOlLOO00OLlOoOolLlo00oloOOllo0oLLo0Ol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***
    Great algorithm by the way!

  6. The only reason those batman, spiderman Pj Masks etc. vids have all those views is because my LITTLE BROTHER WATCHES THEM FOR FIVE SECONDS THEN LEAVES!!

  7. WOW! This was so interesting and helpful! Thank you so much for explaining this and spending all the time it took to research and then make this video!


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