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ARMS is Nintendo’s newest combat game, and it’s amazing. However, the characters are often more fascinating than their abilities, especially when it comes to Min Min. In this episode, GG dives into the deep cultural history behind Min Min’s name, outfits, and combos!

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  1. Mein is pronounced mheen in Cantonese, and the spelling in Chinese and mandarin and Cantonese spelling is basically the same…tooo

  2. I mean you say, "No, not that Naruto," but yes, that Naruto. It's made very clear that the name of Naruto from was taken from the fishcakes. It's why he always eats ramen. Also his last name is Uzumaki, referencing the whirlpools you mentioned. Shoot, the whole first arc is about them protecting a bridge which gets named the great Naruto bridge. So, yes, that Naruto.

  3. In Japanese the word for blue "aoi" was once used for green to refer to the azure dragon. Hence this remains in culture when we look at traffic light it ao,kiiro and aka = blue, yellow, and red even though the color is clearly green.


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